How To Prepare For RBI Gr B 2018 Exam or Strategy Of Cracking Rbi Gr B 2018 Exam

How To Prepare For RBI Gr B 2018 Exam or Strategy Of Cracking Rbi Gr B  2018 Exam
First of all Thanks a lot for allowing us an oppourtunity to help you in the RBI GR B Exam. The RBI GR B Exam is a hard nut to crack and requires consistent planning & strategy to come out in flying colors. Please follow the instructions properly.
Start preparing the descriptive topics at first to form your concept. Go through each topic and revise regularly. After you form a concept the try to answer the short questions. When you are done with it solve the MCqs.
You must follow consistent hours of study and increasing study hours on weekends and holidays. Remember the more you get involve in it the better it would be for you to march ahead.
"CONTENT IS THE KING" -- You must follow proper content to form your concept .WE PROVIDE CONCEPTUAL NOTES,SHORT QUESTIONS & HUGE NO. OF MCQs FOR PRACTICE. Concept building is not done in a day or two but it requires consistent effort on a long term basi…

Mcqs FOR NABARD GR A & B 2018 Exam

Mcqs FOR NABARD GR A & B 2018 Exam

Cropping pattern in which the second crop is started amidst the first crop before it has been harvested is called:
(a) Relay cropping
(b) Multiple cropping
(c) Double cropping
(d) None of these

Where is the Indian Sugarcane Research Institute situated?

A.New Delhi
E.None of these

Where is the Central Food Technological Research Institute (CFTRI) situated?

E.None of these

Olericulture is the study dealing with:
(a) Vegetable production
(b) Honey bee
(c) Ornamental Flowers
(d) None of these

The fruit ripening hormone is
Abscisic acid
None of these

Indian agriculture is typically characterized as? surplus, labour scare economy surplus, lablour surplus economy scare, labour surplus economy scare, labour scare economy
E.None of these

An example of parallel cropping is:
A. Sugarcane + Potato B. Potato + Mustard
C. Potato + Ra…

Agriculture and Rural Development ARD & Economic & Social Issues ESI MCQ study material For Nabard Gr A & B Exam


Spacing of Chickpea 30*10 Total number of KVKs in India 641 (current) Pig breed famous for meat and giving babies:- white yarksharyar Egg’s color depends upon:- Jantophil For best chicken, hen’s breed is – white leghorn Central sheep and wool institute is in- Ambika nagar C:N ratio of normal soil:- 10-12:1 Yellow spot in citrus is due to :- Mo Total available nutrient to plants:- 17 Seed rate of pure mustard class crop 5-6 kg/haBottom of Form N requirement for tobacco 30-40 kg/ha Highest coffe producing state Karnataka Downy Meldew of Maize Fungus Buttoning in Cauliflower Nitrogen Highest Calcium found in Litichi Sod-Culture is related to Grass For larger size seed which implement is used Planter
Central Soil & Water Conser. Reas. & Trai. Inst. Is at Dehradun
Ground water level is measured by Pizometer Seed rate of Tomato 400-500 g/ha National commission on Farmers (N.C.F) is started 2004 “Pusa Sanyog” is the variety of Cuc…

Agriculture and Rural Development ARD & Economic & Social Issues ESI MCQ study material For Nabard Gr A & B Exam

•How has the global human population grown between the Industrial Revolution of around 1750 and 2013? a) 771 million to 7.1 billion b) 1.65 billion to 7.1 billion c) 771 million to 8.2 billion d) 1.65 million to 8.2 billion •In what type of society have human beings lived for the majority of the time humans have been on planet Earth? a) agrarian societies b) pastoral societies c) hunter-gatherer societies d) industrial societies •How do sociologists describe former ‘Third World’ societies that have moved towards an economic base in industrial production? a) developing countries b) peripheral countries c) globalizing countries d) newly industrializing countries •Which definition best describes the process of globalization? a) capitalist companies are spreading across the planet b) we all now live in a single society c) individuals, groups and nations are becoming more interdependent d) human beings now live on every continent of the planet •Wallerstein…

How should we prepare for NABARD grade A & B 2018 Exam? What is the Preparation Strategy?

The prelims exam of NABARD Manager Grade A and B recruitment will be common. It contains about 200 questions and the time duration is 120 minutes.The Questions are equally divided into two parts having a total of 6 Sections(combined) PART I Test of ReasoningEnglish LanguageComputer KnowledgeGeneral AwarenessQuantitative Aptitude PART II Eco. & Social issuesAgri. & Rural DevPreparation Tips for Reasoning Section: Reasoning is purely based on logic and is not just a mathematical skill where you learn various formula s and the work is done. The only strategy here is to practice all the type of questions as many times as you can. Some of the important topics for the exam are: Blood Relations SyllogismStatement and ConclusionsDirectionsSeating ArrangementsRankingData sufficiencyPuzzlesNon-Verbal ReasoningCoding-DecodingAnalogyClassificationPreparation Tips for English Language Section: This is one of the toughest sections. You need to improve your basic english in order to excel in t…