1. Which of the following pointing devices is NOT usually associated with a notebook computer?

(1)    Touchpad

(2)    Pointing stick

(3)    Joystick

(4)    Trackball

2. Which type of input device is used to copy contents of a piece of paper to a file, including both its text and graphics?

(1)    Plotter

(2)    MICR

(3)    Scanner

(4)    Bar code reader

3. The two basic forms of user interfaces are the __________ interface and the graphical user interface


    1.Mac OS

4. For which of the following reasons might you purchase an inkjet printer for your home computer?

(1)    It can produce the best quality color output of all printer types designed for personal computers.

(2)    It is an affordable printer with the ability to print colored text or images.

(3)    It has low per-page costs since ink is relatively inexpensive.

(4)    It can print more volume in the same amount of time than a laser printer.


5. The operating system called Windows NT (NT stands for “new technology”) is meant mostly for __________, networked environments.
1.  WAN
2.  corporate
3.  LAN
4.  PAN

6. Which of the following is an example of an optical storage device?
(1)    Floppy disk
(2)    Compact disc
(3)    Zip disk
(4)    Hard disk

7.  __________, a multi-user time-sharing operating system, was given away to many colleges and universities.
(1)    Unix
(2)    Linux

8.  Which of the following best matches the storage capacity of a typical floppy disk?
(1)    700 MB
(2)    1 GB
(3)    10 MB
(4)    1.44 MB

9. Which of the following correctly describes the CD-R and DVD-R discs?
(1)    You may record data to the disc surface multiple times and can read the current contents at any time.
(2)    You may read data from the disc but may not alter its contents.
(3)    You may record data to the disc surface multiple times but have no direct reading capability.
(4)    You may record data to the disc surface once and then may only read its contents.

10. PC cards, flash memory cards, and smart cards are all examples of:
(1)    Removable hard disks.
(2)    Digital video discs.
(3)    Volatile memory devices.
(4)    Solid state storage devices.

11. The concentric rings that are magnetically laid on a disk surface are called:

(1)    Tracks.

(2)    Clusters.

(3)    Partitions.

(4)    Sectors.

12. The ___________ records the name and exact location of every file on a disk.

(1)    partition master

(2)    file allocation table

(3)    disk controller

(4)    boot sector

13. Which of the following is NOT considered a network communications device?

(1)    Router

(2)    Data bus

(3)    Modem

(4)    Network interface card (NIC)

14.  __________, a multi-user time-sharing operating system, was given away to many colleges and universities.

(1)    Unix

(2)    Linux

15.  Many users install Linux in a __________ configuration with Windows; that is, when you boot the system, you choose which operating system will be loaded.

(1)    dual-boot

(2)    single-boot

16. If a computer with a 9,600 bps modem communicates with a computer using a 14,400 bps modem, data will be transferred:

(1)    Sometimes at the 9,600 bps rate and other times at the 14,400 bps rate

(2)    At the 12,000 bps rate, halfway between the two

(3)    At the 9,600 bps rate

(4)    At the 14,400 bps rate


17. Which is the best definition of network protocols?

(1)    They refer to the circuit-switching strategies employed by routers in the network.

(2)    They are formalized and standardized rules on how various dissimilar network components    

         communicate and transfer information.

(3)    They refer to online documentation and manuals distributed with a network operating system.

(4)    They are electrical specifications determining the behavior of network interface cards.

18. Which type of network topology uses tokens?

(1)    Ring

(2)    Bus

(3)    Star

(4)    Hub

19. Which of the following events is a source of collisions on a LAN?

(1)    The network operating system is old and needs to be upgraded to the most recent release.

(2)    One computer on a network using a bus topology fails causing all others to fail also.

(3)    Multiple workstations attempt to transmit a signal at the exact same time.

(4)    Two users on the network both request copies of an application software program, such as a word processor, and only one copy exists on the file server.

20. Two popular LAN technologies are Local Talk and:

(1)    Netware

(2)    Ethernet

(3)    Windows NT Server

(4)    Linux

21. A ____________ uses long-distance transmission media to link computers separated by distance.

(1)    WAN

(2)    Wi-Fi

(3)    LAN

(4)    Circuit-switching network

22. The Windows __________ Server family is an upgrade to Windows NT.

(1)    2000

(2)    .NET

23. Cookies are____

(1)    Small files recording personal information about a consumer's browsing habits.

(2)    Programs that monitor the trail of Web sites visited by a consumer

(3)    Destructive programs embedded in e-mail attachments or downloaded programs.

(4)    Advertisements that pop up unannounced on a computer system

24. A ____________ is a unique identification number generated by a computer hardware component or a program.

(1)    Cookie

(2)    .NET Passport

(3)    GUID

(4)    Private Key

25. An employer has the right to read or listen to all of the following EXCEPT:

(1)    Conversations held in the employee lounge.

(2)    E-mail sent from office computers.

(3)    Telephone calls made from a pay phone or cell phone.

(4)    Calls made on office telephones.

26. Which of the following activities does NOT lend itself to security problems?

(1)    Logging in to the computer system while people are milling about your desk

(2)    Creating a password from upper- and lowercase letters and digits

(3)    Throwing a memo containing your user name and password into your office trash can

(4)    Creating a password from your date of birth

27 . __________ Allocation is the process of assigning computer memory to certain programs for their use.


28. Which of the following types of files is NOT identified as a potential virus carrier?

(1)    A game

(2)    A word-processing document

(3)    An image file

(4)    A spreadsheet file

29. A destructive program that disguises itself as a useful utility or game is called a:

(1)    Worm

(2)    Time bomb

(3)    Trojan horse

(4)    Web bug


30. All of the following terms refer to people who search for security loopholes in a computer system EXCEPT:

(1)    Crackers

(2)    Hackers

(3)    Spammers

(4)    White hats.

31. When the bidding price at an online auction is artificially pumped by a secret bidder, the perpetrator is known as a:

(1)    Bogus bidder

(2)    Shill.

(3)    Cyber stalker

(4)    Pumper and dumper

32. Which of the following access control techniques requires the use of a physical device, such as a smart card, to be used in conjunction with a PIN?

(1)    Biometric authentication

(2)    Know-and-have authentication

(3)    Firewall

(4)    Callback system

33.  Windows supports __________, a concept that lets the computer configure itself when a new component is added.

(1)    Instant play

(2)    Plug and Play

34. The type of encryption that requires the same key to encrypt and decrypt a message is called:

(1)    Digital encryption

(2)    Symmetric key encryption

(3)    Public key encryption

(4)    Strong encryption

35 . To execute a given DOS program, you must type a(n) __________, a name that invokes a specific DOS program.

(1)    command

(2)    order

36. What is the best job description of a programmer analyst?

(1)    Interacts with users and application developers to design information systems

(2)    Installs, maintains, and supports the operating system

(3)    Ensures overall network reliability

(4)    Designs, codes, and tests software

37. A student who wants a theoretical education in computer software development might pursue a degree in:

(1)    Computer science

(2)    Electrical engineering.

(3)    Computer information systems.

(4)    Business

38. The specialization of ____________ engineering looks at the complete enterprise, including people, the organization, and technologies.

(1)    materials

(2)    systems

(3)    social

(4)    electrical

39. CIS stands for:      

(1)    computer integrated systems

(2)    computer information systems

(3)    computer improved systems

(4)    computer interchangeable systems

40. In many universities, the computer information systems department is housed in the ____________ college.

(1)    business

(2)    engineering

(3)    continuing education

(4)    liberal arts

41. Computer information science departments at the university level typically focus on:

(1)    Computer hardware and circuit design.

(2)    Practical business skills.

(3)    Software development and theory of computation.

(4)    Medical records transcription and storage.      


42. Which of the following professional organizations is directed toward networking?

(1)    DPMA

(2)    AWC

(3)    IEEE

(4)    NPA

43. Which of the following is considered a business skill highly desired by companies when hiring IT professionals?

(1)    C++ programming

(2)    Artificial intelligence

(3)    Compiler design

(4)    Project management

44. A person in which of the following positions creates presentations involving animation and video____

(1)    Network engineer

(2)    Interactive digital media specialist

(3)    HTML coder

(4)    CGI programmer

45. COMDEX is a popular ____________ that focuses on consumer electronics..

(1)    University conference

(2)    Trade show

(3)    Training seminar

(4)    Job warehouse

46. The Certified Java Programmer certification is conducted by:

(1)    Sun Microsystems

(2)    Novel

(3)    Cisco

(4)    Microsoft

47. What competencies are demonstrated by the Microsoft Certified Solution Developer (MCSD) certificate?

(1)    Operating system and network configuration and maintenance, as well as LAN-based client/server development

(2)    Programming in Java

(3)    Development of programs and applications using Microsoft development tools, such as Visual Basic

(4)    Vendor-neutral skills for network technicians

48. Which statement is NOT true of programming languages?

(1)    A program written in a high-level language must be translated to machine language before it can be executed.

(2)    Like English, a programming language has a very flexible syntax and any statement can be written in a variety of ways.

(3)    A given problem, like a tax program or payroll manager, could be written in a number of different programming languages.

(4)    High-level languages free the programmer from having to know the particular details of memory and disk management on a computer.

49. Which of the following is NOT a feature of assembly language?

(1)    Assembly language allows programmers to work directly with decimal numbers.

(2)    Assembly language is considered easy to learn to use because it is quite primitive and has a small set of statements.

(3)    Assembly language introduced the concept of a mnemonic to stand for a group of machine language instructions.

(4)    Assembly language commonly is used to write small programs that must execute quickly.

50. What is the best definition of a compiler?

(1)    A compiler is a utility that copies a program from disk into memory and begins its execution.

(2)    A compiler is a program that converts all the source code into object code.

(3)    A compiler is used to detect logical errors in a program by allowing the programmer to trace the code line by line.

(4)    A compiler is a utility that links a programmer's source code to operating system utilities prior to execution.




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