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How can I Prepare English For the RBI Grade B Ph I & II 2018 exam?

Questions are asked on the following topics in Phase I : Spotting the errors, Phrase substitution, Ordering of sentences or jumbled up sentences, Double blanks in a sentence, Fill in the blank, Cloze Test, Idioms & Phrases,Choosing the appropriate filler, Synonyms and antonyms, Reconstruction of sentence & passage. One word substitution, Commonly misspelled words, Comprehensions.(We provide notes on all these topics) The foundation of all the above are in the preparation of gramatical chapters based on application. You have to conceptualise certain rules on the following topics: Errors of Subject -Verb Agreement Errors of Pronouns & Adjectives Errors in the Use Of Articles Errors of Connectors and Verbs Miscellaneous Errors and Preposition. The proper concept of the above topics will help you in getting a general concept of MCQ English.Now after getting the concept focus on Shortcut Tricks on chapters individually. Now in terms of the preparation of English For Phase II , the most …

At what time can we expect an RBI grade B 2018 notification?

In general the trend is RBI releases notification for the vacancies in the coming 2- 3 months of releasing the final result of the previous examination. In 2017 the final result has been declared in November so probably as per the trend the next notification may be in February or March so start you preparation from now itself. Follow a Proper Strategy to crack this exam. Visit My Post In this blog for a detailed strategy. For more answers visit my Quora Profile --
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Numericals For RBI Gr B Phase II Exam 2018

Numericals For RBI Gr B Phase II Exam 2018 Ratio Analysis PROBLEMS AND SOLUTIONS Final Account to Ratio Problem 1. From the data calculate : (i) Gross Profit Ratio               (ii) Net Profit Ratio      (iii) Return on Total Assets (iv) Inventory Turnover (v) Working Capital Turnover (vi) Net worth to Debt