IBPS PO 2015 Exam is starting In Coming October 2015. Approx. 35 Lac candidates will be appearing for the first round of recruitment process - common written exam - for Probationary Officer /Management Trainee Posts in 21 PSU Banks.
Keeping in mind the tough competition, candidates should ensure that they go to the exam hall with full preparation and should avoid the slightest mistake in the exam. Essentially, candidates should keep in mind the following, while attempting the exam -

1. Go with a Plan: Candidates should go with proper plan - as in which section to attempt first and which section to attempt last and how much time should one devote on each section. It is very important that candidate stick to their plan (time wise) i.e. if you had decided that you will give 40 minutes to Reasoning section, you should stick to it. Reason for the same is - sometimes a particular section may be very difficult, and while attempting the same you may get carried away by devoting more time on that, it will mean that you will compromise on some other section as you will have lesser time for it. You need to remember that there is a sectional cut-off in the exam and if a particular section is tough, it will be tough for everyone and hence cut-off for that section will be low.

2. Keep in mind the Marks Allocated to each section: Till last year, all sections used to have equal importance in IBPS PO exam. But, from this year pattern has changed, and, each section will have different number of questions. Quantitative Aptitude & Reasoning section will have 50 questions each, GA & English sections will have 40 questions each and Computer section will have only 20 questions (each question having one mark). This marks distribution should be kept in mind to maximize your score.

3. Attempt Paper in 2 rounds: You should attempt the question paper in two rounds. While attempting each section -first do the questions, for which you are sure and which can be done in less than a minute. Leave tougher questions for the second round. This way, you will not miss any easy question in the paper and will be able to optimise the score.

4. Be careful about sectional cut-off: In IBPS PO V, you have to score a minimum qualifying marks in each section and qualify overall score also. So, be careful that you do not miss on a section and try to maintain a balance across all sections.

5. Be careful about negative marking: In IBPS PO V, each correct answer will fetch you 1 mark, while each wrong answer will attract penalty of ¼ marks. There is no negative marking for unattempted questions. So, if you are not sure about a question, it is better to leave that question rather than attempting it wrong.

6. Start with easier section: Suppose, you are more comfortable in a particular section, attempt it first. It will give you the confidence and set the pace for the exam. Attempt most difficult part in the end.

7. Do not get stuck on a question: Never get touchy about any question and hence do not waste time if you are not able to crack it within 1-2 mins. We have seen, many candidates get stuck with questions like seating arrangement/puzzles in reasoning part and waste precious time on these. Never do that. If you feel that you might get stuck, leave it for second round.

8. Never give up during exam: Competitions like this are the tests of your nerves. You should go with a positive frame of mind to the exam hall and maintain the same throughout the exam. Many times, when candidates get stuck or find a particular section difficult, they give up. Never ever give up. Paper is not going to be easy for anyone and winner will be one who will hold the nerves till the end.

9. Practice Online Tests: Since this is the first time, IBPS PO will be online, it is very important for you to be familiar with the online testing environment. You should join Online Practice tests from a reputed coaching and do regular practice. This will make you comfortable with the online testing platform and also help you prepare your strategy for the exam.

10. Take Proper Sleep Before Exam: Candidates should take a proper sleep before the exam day and should have light breakfast before the exam.

Things to keep in mind while attempting the written exam

There is no set pattern to attempt the various sections of the exam. But based upon candidate experiences and the knowledge base provided by our team, you can try this to maximize results. You can attempt the sections in this order mentioned in parenthesis as follows

Reasoning-35 min (3rd)

GK and Computer awareness-20 min (1st)

English-25 min (2nd)

Quantitative aptitude-40 min (4th)

Second thing to keep in mind is, “NEVER OVER EXPECT”. Candidates make the greatest blunder when they try to attempt each and every question (remember, there is one fourth negative marking and every mark counts).
Don’t get stuck in a question as it will eat up all your time. Instead, try to solve those questions first which you can solve in one go as it will maximize your score. Once you are finished with all these questions, provided you have time left you can come back to the unsolved questions.

Your primary aim should be to clear the cutoff first. Satisfying your ego in solving one mathematical problem in a time span when you can solve 10 more questions is utter foolishness. Try to gather marks first, so that you could clear both the cut offs and then make an effort to score more.

One golden trick for English Section- Don’t run after Sentence rearrangement questions as they are very time consuming and even no guarantee that you will get it right.

Last but not the least, have faith in yourself. Don’t pay attention to rumors and never let anybody to discourage you during the course of preparation. Always remember, its you who is going to attempt the exam and its only you who can create the magic by hard work+smart work. So, anybody else’s opinion should not create an impact on your aim to be a top notch banking officer.


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