Cloze test is a variation of the sentence completion test. The candidates are required to make a choice from the multiple alternatives for each word blanked out, not in a sentence but in a passage. Thus, this test evaluates the candidate’s vocabulary power and their ability to judge the overall meaning of a passage even when some words are missing.
A passage consists of sentences which are logically
related to one another. Therefore, first of all, read the whole passage, get a rough idea of its contents and keep them in your mind as a background. Concentrate on this background to find clues.
Tips For Cloze Test
1.If you know the answer, immediately tick it. No technique is to be adopted. The whole process will work in a flash.

2.When you are not sure of the answer, make the right choice through the process of elimination.
Step 1:
Judge if any of them does not fit into the structure (eliminate).
Step 2:
Judge if any of them does not fit in with the meaning (eliminate).
Step 3:
Between/among the remaining apply your awareness of the common usage or nuances of words.
Step 4:
Try to find out a clue in the sentence or in a sentence preceding or succeeding it.Sometimes the clue is hidden many sentences away.
Step 5:
If the final choice has not been reached even now, apply the method of reasoning to hit the target.

See the chart below:
Elimination Technique---->Alternatives--->Step 1 – Structure--->Step 2 – Meaning--->Step 3-Common Usage Or Nuances--->Step 4- Clues Step 5- Reasoning-->Target or Correct choice



The skin’s worst enemy is the sun. If you avoid ..1.. you can ..2.. to prolong the young and ..3.. skin. The sun ..4.. deprive the skin of ..5.. hastening the appearance of ..6..lines and wrinkles that ..7.. is all about . It is ..8.. responsible for many skin ..9.. likepigmentation, discoloration, freckles and ..10.. skin cancer, So, protect the skin with a sunscreen and moisturize it daily.
(A) Extra Exposure To The Sun (B)
Much (C) Additional (D) Excessive
(A) Aid (B) Help (C) Assist (D) Make
(A) Handsomeness Of The (B) Luxury (C) Beauty (D) Suppleness
(A) Can (B) May (C) Shall (D) Will
(A) Water (B) Dampness
(C) Wetness (D)Moisture
(A) These (B) Those (C) Some (D) Certain
(A) Growing (B) Increasing (C) Even (D) Mellowing
(A) Also (B) Besides (C) Even (D) Possibly
(A) Itches (B) Illness (C)Questions (D) Problems
(A) A Certainly (B) Even (C) Some (D) Certain

Hints and Explanation
1.A.Much, additional and excessive are eliminated at Step 1 because they do not fit in the structure. Extra exposure to the sun is the right answer.

2.B. All alternatives pass through Step1 and 2.
Make is eliminated at Step 3 as it is not in common use. Now let us check the nuances. Assist means there is somebody whom
you are assisting. Here, there is none. Aid means you are given something to help other that also does not apply.
Help is thus the correct choice.

3. A. Luxury, beauty and  suppleness are eliminated at Step 1 as they do not fit in the structure in the absence of a preposition.
Handsomeness of the is thus the correct  choice

4. A. May is eliminated at Step 2, because may  indicates ‘permission’ or ‘possibility’. This is not in turn with the meaning. Shall and  will are eliminated by common usage.
‘Will’ shows a general sense which is not required here. Shall
means ‘must’ when used with a third person. This is not the meaning required here. Can shows capacity and this fits with the meaning.

5. D. All pass through Steps 1 and 2. Water, dampness and
Wetness are eliminated at Step 3 as they are
not in common usage with the word ‘skin’. Moisture
is thus the correct choice. There is a clue also in the last sentence in the word ‘moisturize’.

6. D. These and those are eliminated at Steps1 and they do not fit in the structure. These and those indicate that there is a noun before which is referred to. There is no such indication earlier.
Some indicates vagueness and is thus eliminated at Step 2.
Certain means ‘of a particular kind’. This meaning fits here and thus certain is the correct choice.

7. C. All alternatives pass through Steps1 and 2.
Growing, increasing and mellowing are eliminated at Step3.
Growing shows development.
Increasing shows rise. Mellowing shows ripening of a fruit in common use and enrichment in its nuance. All these do not fit with the meaning in the sentence or the passage. Thus ageing is the correct choice.

8. A. Besides is eliminated at Step 1, as it does not fit into the structure. Possibly shows certain vagueness. Even shows special emphasis. Both  of them do not fit with the meaning. Also
is thus the correct answer.

9.D. All alternatives pass by Step 1. Itches, illness and questions do not fit with the  meaning and are thus eliminated at Step 2. Problem is thus the right choice.

10. B. Certain and  some do not fit in the structure and thus are eliminated at Step 1. Certainly suggests ‘surety’ and thus does not fit with the meaning. It is eliminated at Step 2.
Even is thus the correct choice.


Countries which do not have a very well developed machine tool industry can never ..1.. to be even a first grade ..2.. and economic power, much less a global industrial player. This is known from the ..3.. of countries like Germany, USA, Japan,
Switzerland and so on. When at the end of the second World War, Japan wanted to become an industrial power, the ..4.. step she took was to ..5.. a machine tool industry. She decided to be ..6.. and not depend on ..7.. industrial nations. This was ..8.. in the long term rather than going in for the ..9.. advantage of importing machine tools. Similarly, India also established a machine tool industry ..10.. after Independence to foster its fledgling industry.
(A) Aspire (B) Manifest (C
) Agree (D) Prosper (E) Pursue
(A) Political (B) Industrial (C) Military (D) Progressive(E) Rich
(A) Feeling (B) Perceptions (C) Plans (D) Experiences
(E) Establishment
(A) Important (B) Useful (C) Economic (D) Wise (E) First
(A) Developed (B) Nurture (C) Introduce (D) Admit (E) Establish
(A) Revolutionary (B) Industrious(C) Self-Sufficient (D) Systematic (E)
(A) European (B) Developed (C) Neighbouring (D) Technical (E)
(A) Planned (B) Decided (C) Tried (D)Beneficial (E)
(A) Temporary (B) Exceptional (C) Easy (D) Fast (E) Financial
(A) Days (B) Months (C) I
mmediately (D) Years (E) Much

Hints and Explanation
1.A. Manifest, agree, prosper and pursue are all eliminated at Step 2 because they do not match with the meaning. Aspire is thus the right choice.

2.B. All alternatives pass Steps 1 and 2 At Step 3, the term
industrialbecomes a choice because industrial and economic
go together in common usage. There is a clue also in the word
industrial player.

3.D. At Step 3, feelings, perceptions and plane are eliminated at Step 2 itself because it is common knowledge and also in common usage. Establishment is eliminated at Step2 itself because it does not go with the meaning and we have
Experience as the right answer.

4.E. All alternatives except first do not match with the meaning, this becomes clear when you read the sentence a little carefully
. This word gives force and real meaning to the sentence. Thus
First is the right choice.

5.E. Nurture and admit are eliminated at Step 2 because they do not make any meaning. The clue is in the word first. We nurture a thing which is already there. Admit is out of context. Out of
develop, introduce and establish, establish is the right choice because  normally an industry is established. Common usage and inference confirm this choice.

6.C. The clue is in the context and also in the neighbouring word
depend. Thus all alternatives except self-sufficient are eliminated at Step 4.Reasoning also confirms this choice.

7.B. The word depend again provides us with a definite clue because one depends on only developed nations. Thus at Step 4, all other alternatives like European, neighbouring, technical and
Foreign are eliminated.

8.D. The context of the passage now gives sufficient clues. Planned is eliminated at Step 1 at as it does not fit into the structure. Achieved is eliminated at Step 2 because it does not go with the meaning. Beneficial is the right choice be
cause the expression  in the long term matches with it.

9.A. Exceptional, easy, fast and  financial are eliminated at Step 2 because the clue is in the word long term before and advantage
after the gap. In common usage also long term is matched by

10.C. Days and months and also  years are eliminated because there is no definite information given in the passage. Much
is contradictory in meaning and thus is eliminated at Step 2. The only choice left is immediately and this matches with the  meaning.



Every professional requires its members to keep up with the latest changes in the field. Doctors, for example, keep up 1) _ _ _ _ the latest medical breakthroughs by attending 2) _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ and reading medical journals. If 3) _ _ _ work as a professional peace officer, 4) _ _ _ too must keep up with the 5) _ _ _ _ _ _ news in your field. A serious 6) _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ , therefore, is expected to know some 7) _ _ the challenges peace officers face in 8) _ _ _ _ _ _ _ their communities.
9) _ _ _ _ _ _ _ up with the latest changes in 10) _ _ _ enforcement can be done by reading 11) _ _ _ _ _ _ related journals as well as newspapers, 12) _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ local ones. For instance, you may 13) _ _ _ _ that there have been numerous methamphetamine 14) _ _ _ _ _ at the local high school, and 15) _ _ _ _ _ _ administrators are working closely with law 16) _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ agencies to eradicate this problem. Having 17) _ _ _ _ this community related issue, you would 18) _ _ in a good position to discuss 19) _ _ _ _ specific problem during the interview and 20) _ _ _ _ _ _ _ suggest some well thought out solutions. This might impress the raters and increase your interview rating.

Cloze Test Answers:
1. with
2. seminars
3. you
4. you
5. latest
6. candidate
7. of
8. serving
9. Keeping
10. law
11. police
12. particularly
13. read
14. sales
15. school
16. enforcement
17. read
18. be
19. this
20. perhaps


Police officers frequently find themselves in unpredictable circumstances that require them to be ready at a moment's notice. Being flexible or adaptable is 1) _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ for survival. An officer who is 2) _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ or rigid in his or her 3) _ _ _ _ _ or behavior will not be able 4) _ _ change quickly enough to survive unfamiliar 5) _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _, rendering him or her ineffective to 6) _ _ _ _ good decisions.
7) _ _ _ _ factor is closely related to problem 8) _ _ _ _ _ _ _ because solving problems requires you to 9) _ _ flexible in the way you think. 10) _ _ _ _ _ _ _, unlike problem solving, flexibility is a 11) _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ trait and not a measure of 12) _ _ _ _ _ _ ability. For example, an officer who 13) _ _ inflexible by being intolerant against a 14) _ _ _ _ _ or class of citizens may act 15) _ _ a prejudicial way towards those citizens.
Since this 16) _ _ _ _ _ _ measures a personality trait, it may 17) _ _ difficult for you to understand the 18) _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _. However, we will go over some 19) _ _ _ _ _ _ questions relating to this factor in 20) _ _ _ sample questions and strategies section to help you get a better understanding of it.  

Answers  For Cloze Test:

1. essential
2. inflexible
4. to
5. circumstances
6. make
7. This
8. solving
9. be
10. However
11. personality
12. mental
13. is
14. group
15. in
16. factor
17. be
18. requirements
19. common
20. the




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