Tips to Score High Marks in IBPS PO/Clerk/Specialist Officer Exams

  1. Learn Squares and Cubes: Learn squares up to 25 and Cubes up to 12. as these will immensely improve your calculation speed in reasoning and quantitative section.
  2. Learn Multiplication Tables: Learn multiplication tables at least up to 20. although it is boring but it is necessary.
  3. Practice Daily: As the proverb says “Practice Makes Man Perfect”. so practice as much as possible. by practicing daily you will have more command over basic calculations and you will be able to save time during the exam.
  4. Join Online Test Series: Join any India Level Online Test Series and take online tests on a regular basis as it will help you in remaining up to date with current affairs and to determine your strength and weaknesses in different sections. also you will able to assess your preparation progress by comparing your result with others.
  5. Time management: Time Management is very crucial in IBPS PO Exam.Manage time properly and judiciously during exam. attempt easy questions first. if you get stuck on any question, leave it and solve next question. do not focus on solving a fixed number of question from any section, instead focus on allotting fixed time to every section. give more time to reasoning and quantitative section, followed by English section and least time to General Awareness section. try to attempt all questions from General Awareness section as these questions take least time and are most scoring among all sections.
  6. Learn Short tricks: Learn some maths short tricks to solve maths questions quickly
  7. Do Not Mark Answer if Unsure: Mark answers only if  you are sure that it is correct. do not mark answers blindly. but if you desperately want to answer all questions then read the guide to mark answers intelligently for questions you don’t know the answers to and maximize your score. Read: Score high marks in IBPS Exam even if you don’t know the answer
  8. Fill Circles half an hour before end of Exam: some people have habit of filling circles as soon as they solve a question. filling circle after every answer wastes a lot of time. instead candidates must solve questions first, and when half an hour is left for the test to complete, start filling the answers.
  9. Read all the options before giving answer: Always read all options before marking your answer.
  10. Read Questions first for English Passages: when solving English Passages, read questions first. so that when you read the passage you can focus accordingly. and always read passage patiently.
  11. Focus on your Health: Candidates should take their health seriously because “a healthy mind lives in a healthy body”. By keeping good health you will be able to focus and concentrate better during the exam.always take proper sleep and rest.
  12. Do not look for exact answer in Quantitative paper: Do not Try to get the exact answer for the questions. sometimes estimate answers can be enough. check options for the closest answers.


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