IBPS Specialist Officer Professional Knowledge Question Paper 2012 for IT Officer

1.  A floating point is said to be normalized if the most significant digit of the mantissa is —–
a)    Zero
b)    Non-Zero
c)     Negative
d)    Positive
e)    None of these
2. Which of the following applications is suitable for FIFO Queue?
a)    An inventory of parts is to be processed by part number
b)    A dictionary of words used by a spelling checker id to be created.
c)     A program to solve a maze is to back track to an earlier position when a dead end position is reached.
d)    A program to keep track of patients as the check into  clinic, assigning them to doctors a first come, first served basis
e)    None of these
3. The field that investigates the mechanics of human intelligence is:
a)    Artificial science
b)    Cognitive science
c)     Psychology
d)    Sociology
e)    None of these
4. Which data structure is needed to convert infix notation to post fix notation is
a)    Branch
b)    Queue
c)     Tree
d)    Stack
e)    None of these
5. Data are followed to be transmitted in only one direction in a:
a)    Simplex channel
b)    Dump channel
c)     Half-Duplex channel
d)    Full duplex channel
e)    None of these
6. Which of the following statement is not true regarding graph?
a)    A graph consists of set of nodes and a set of arcs
b)    A graph is a tree
c)     A tree is a graph
d)    Graphs can be directed
e)    None of these
7. Implementation of an inverted list to maintain the record list for each value for a given attribute can be done by —
a)    Sequential file
b)    Direct file
c)     Indexed file
d)    Indexed sequential
e)    None of these
8. A 6-MHz channel is used by digital signaling system utilizing 4 – level signals. What is maximum possible transmission rate?
a)    1.5 M band/sec
b)    6 M band/sec
c)     12 M band/sec
d)    24 M band/sec
e)    None of these
9. Which of the following is a type of ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network)?
a)    Narrow band
b)    Broad band
c)     Both (a) and (b)
d)    Medium band
e)    None of these
10. Which of the following is easiest software development process model?
a)    Waterfall model
b)    Prototyping
c)     Interactive enhancement
d)    Spiral model
e)    None of these
11. Which of the following feature is related to virtual circuit?
a)    Connection oriented
b)    Each packet sent is routed independently of its predecessors
c)     Successive packets may follow different routes
d)    Congestion control is difficult
e)    None of these
12. Which one of the following interrupt is non-makeable?
a)    TRAP
b)    RST 7.5
c)     INTR
d)    RST 6.5
e)    None of these
13. Binding the same name to multiple operations whose signatures differ in number or types of arguments?
a)    Overloading
b)    Origin class
c)     Object model
d)    Package
e)    None of these
14. The C declaration in A [3] [5] of containing …….. elements is itself an array containing …… integers.
a)    3, 5
b)    5, 3
c)     3, 3
d)    5, 5
15. What is the drawback of infrared and millimeter waves?
a)    They are directional
b)    They cannot pass throught solid objects.
c)     License is needed
d)    Can be used outdoor
e)    None of these
16. Indexes created from a sequential (or sorted) set of primary keys are referred to as —-
a)    Indexed file organization
b)    Sequential file
c)     Index sequential
d)    All of the above
e)    None of these
17. A central computer surrounded by one or more satellite computers is called
a)    Bus network
b)    Ring network
c)     Star network
d)    All of the above
e)    None of these
18. Which of the following is a major component of the telephone system?
a)    Local loop
b)    Trunks
c)     Switching office
d)    All of these
e)    None of these
19. A linear list of elements in which deletion can be done from one end and insertion can take place only at other end (rear) is known as
a)    Queues
b)    Stacks
c)     Trees
d)    Branch
e)    None of these
20. For tree, which of the following list traversing through the entire list is not necessary?
a)    Circular list
b)    Singly linked list
c)     Doubly linked list
d)    Both (2) and (3) above
e)    None of these
21. Which of the following is not included in DML (data manipulation language)?
   (d) CAREATE
(e) None of these
22. Which of the following communications service provides messages preparation
And transmission facilities
(a) Teletex 
(b) Teletext
(c)  x.400
(d) fax
(e) none of these
23. Which of the following scheduler is in charge of handling the swapped out process?
(a) Short term
(b) Long term
  (c) Medium term
(d) Both(1) and(2)
(e)none of these
24. Which of the following is not used as a data structure?
(b) Linked list
(c) Graph
 (d) Directory
(e) none of these’
25. Which of the following statement is not true in context of strings in c language?
(a) It is array of characters (b) last character of character array is always ‘/o’
(c) C inserts the null character automatically
     (d) Any string in c can be read by the function getchar 0
(e) None of these
26. Which command will be used with vi editor to append text at end of line?
     (a) A
(b) a
(c) i
(d) I
(e)none these
27. Which the result of a computation depends on the speed of the processes involved there
Is said to be
(a)cycle stealing
  (b) race condition
(c)a time look
(d) a deadlock
(e) None of these
28. Which of the following feature is true regarding concatenated virtual circuits?
(a) A sequence of virtual circuits is set up from source through one or more gate ways to the destination
(b) Each gateway maintains table telling which virtual circuit pass through it
(c) The scheme works best when all the networks have roughly the same properties
(D) All of the above
(e) None these
29. A compiler which runs on one machine and generates a code for another machine
 (b) Cross-compiler
(c) Lexical analyzer
(d) All of the above
(e) None of these
30. Banker’s algorithm for resource allocation deals with
(a) Dead look preventation
   (b) Dead look avoidance
(c) Dead look recovery
(e) Mutual exclusion
(f) None of these
31. A method, which transfers the entire block of data from its own buffer to main memory takes place without intervention by cup.
(a) Programmed input/output
(b) Interrupt driven input/output
     (c) Direct memory access (DMA)
(d) Resident monitor
(e) None of these
32. Which the maximum clock rate is quoted for a logic family, it applies to a
(a) Shift register
(b) Flip-flop
(c) Counter
(d) Single logic gate
(e) None of these
33. Which of the following table helps in representing the previous and next state of the sequential circuit prior to and after the clock pulse respectively?
(a) Truth table
(b) Characteristic table
(c)Excitation table
(d)Both (1) and (2)
(e) None of these
34. A large computer information system maintains many different computer files. Which among them is called a perpetual file?
(a) Specialized file
(b)Log file
    (c)Master file
(d)History file
(e)None these
35. One method of programming a computer to exhibit intelligence is called modeling
(c)Psychic amelioration
(e)None these
46. In fiber optics the attenuation of light through glass depends on the
(a)Wave length of light
(b) Frequency of light
(c) Speed of light
(d)All of the above
(e)None these
37. Ap-channel enhancement type MOSFET performs much the same function as a PNP
Transistor except that
(a)It operates much faster
(b)It is considerably larger
(c)It is controlled by voltage larger than current
(d)It is controlled by current rather than a voltage like a bipolar transistor
(e)None these
38. Among directory entry-node and the file contents, Which will be changed when a file
Is updated?
(a)Only directory entry and file contents
(b)Only inode and file contents
(c)Both (1) and (2)
(d)Only directory entry
(e)None these
39. Which of the following is an important component of semantic analysis?
(a) Symbol table
(b) Type checking
(e)None these
40. Which of the following systems implementation approaches should be used if you want to run the old system and the new system at the same time for a specified period?
(b) Pilot
(c) Phased
      (d) Parallel
(e) None of these
41. Which of the following derivation does a top-down parser? The input is assumed to be scanned in left to right order.
(a) Left most derivation
(b) Left most derivation traced out in reverse
(c) Right most derivation
(d) Right most derivation traced out in reverse
(e) None of these
42. CIDR (Classless Inter Domain Routing)
   (a) It is used in class C Net works
(b) It is used in class B Net works
(c) It is used in class A Net works
(d) All of the above
(e) None of these
43. Internal auditors should review data system design before they are
(a) Developed
(c) Modified
(d) All of the above
(e) None of these
44. Which language has recently become the defector standard for interfacing application programs with relational database system?
(a) oracle
   (b) SQL
(c) Dbase
(d) 4 GL
(e) None of these
45. A program that places programs into main memory and prepares them for execution-
(a) Linker
(b) Assembler
  (c) Loader
(d) Absolute entity
(e) None of these
46. A generalizations of the Boyce Codd Normal Form to relation schemes which includes the mulltivated dependencies is called –
a)    Second Normal Form
b)    Third Normal Form
c)     Fourth Normal Form
d)    Fifth Normal Form
e)    None of these
47. Lexical Analyzer transforms an input streams in to –
a)    Regular expression
b)    Sequence of tokens
c)     Binary
d)    Symbols
e)    None of these
48. If we traverse s binary search tree, in which manner that we get in ascending manner
a)    Inorder
b)    Preorder
c)     Postorder
d)    Graph
e)    None of these
49. Binary number 10 11 10 000 is equivalent to decimal
a)    716
b)    718
c)     722
d)    724
e)    None of these
50. The collection of communication line and routers from the –
a)    Router
b)    Bridge
c)     Subnet
d)    Packet
e)    None of these



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