How To Cleverly Use 2 Hrs Of Clat Exam With Ease.

CLAT is much about Time Management. Sometimes the exam is very easy but consequently because you had not planned that how you will attempt the paper, you end up getting a bad score. So, in this article I am going to help you that how you should not only attempt the CLAT exam completely but also have some extra minutes to tackle any unexpected problem. Let’s start with it…

When you enter your CLAT examination hall be cool say your prayers if you want to but don’t be afraid at that point just think you know everything because if you get frightened the game iis over. But since you have decided that you have to win this game. So, be a cool dude there and then.

Settle your stationary… It would be best if you prepare a pencil box for your exam which consists of 2 Blue ball pens, 2 Black ball pens, 1 Blue Gel pen, 5 Sharpened pencils, Sharpener and a Eraser.

And now you have the question paper in your hands for 2-3 mins Skim the paper . Don’t get afraid if you don’t know some questions as I said before be a cool dude because you are here to win so be confident.

Now start attempting the questions which section should be attempted first needs to be decided by you actually you need to decide the sequence in which you are going to attempt the sections…
Deciding the sequence is not enough you also need to decide the time that you are going to denote to each section. I suggest you to follow the below Time Management

Read the paper for 5mins
Maths- 10 minutes
Legal aptitude- 35 minutes
English- 20 minutes
Logical reasoning- 30 minutes
General Knowledge-10 minutes
Extra time- 10 minutes
Apply this method when you attempt your mock tests so that it becomes your habit to attempt the paper like this. The extra 10 minutes can be utilized for the questions which you had left for second attempt.Sometimes the legal aptitude section has questions which are lengthy and sometimes such questions are there in logical reasoning section so adjust the time accordingly use your first five minutes for this thing.
Note- Please carry a watch keep it in your pencil box a day before your exam



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